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« 「はやぶさリンク」:3つ目のターゲットマーカーを放出せず、前回のマーカーを使用 | Main | [HAYABUSA link]:Translation to English »



Rough english translation of the first part of this entry:

At 7:42 AM, professor Matokawa came in to press room, saying "I can't tell you anything for sure."

"We are still only on beacon and no detailed info is coming. Switching to Usuda is underway, and we'll see better grasp of the situation once we get downlink from it. If Hayabusa has landed on MUSES-SEA area, we should have good sample. If that's the case, we should have gotten clean Doppler displacement, but we have seen disturbance. The cause is unknown. One possiblity is the probe drifted sideway and went to rocky area. When the projected altitude was 22 meters, one beam showed 17 meters, and another showed 30-something meters, showing possibility of probe gone to slanted area. If it drifts as far as 60 meters away from planned landing area, it enters the rocky area where we unofficially call "Yatsugatake". Connection with Usuda should be re-established at around 8:10. Until then, no further actions. Oparation room is in 'wait-and-see' mode too."

HAYABUSA LIVEの更新も8:00前の更新(運用室のスナップ写真)以降止まっちゃってるんで、インターネットで見守ってる側では何が起きているのかスンゴク不安。(;_;)



Rough english translation of the second part of this entry:

"When Hayabusa was found to be ascending, project manager Kawaguchi said 'Are you ready for the next try?'' The other people looked each other's faces... He is still keeping his agressive posture. When I said "Kawachigu-kun is really ready to go with Hayabusa as far as he can", the room has bursted into laughter."

A reporter, seeing the streaming video said "Kawaguchi-san appears to be laughing."

Matokawa: "That's all he can do now."


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