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[HAYABUSA link]:Success!

Following is translation of my article by Mr. RogueEngineer. Thank you, Mr. RogueEngineer !

At 8:48 AM, professor Matokawa appeared.

"We still don't know the attitude of the probe when it fired the bullet, and whether it hit the surface, but all the sample accuisition sequence worked. Hayabusa should be in a mode called 'WMT' after the accuisition sequence, and we first tryed to confirm that. When we saw it's in WMT mode, everybody wildly cheered. If the bullet hits the surface, I'm almost sure we have gotten the sample"

Reporter: "What did Kawaguchi say?"

"He was called to the scene and said 'Hey, it's working!'"

Reporter: "What's the status of Hayabusa?"

"Everything is OK, including attitude, power from solar panels, etc..."

Reporter: "Is Kawaguchi going to give it another try?"

"Everybody is worried if he's going to say that. (laughter) Supposing if there's another one, are you ready for the report?"

I'm so glad to be here! (Matsuura)

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