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[Hayabusa link]: Unfinished Business

Translated by JSpace http://mole.den.hokudai.ac.jp/jspace/.Thank you.

After the press conference, I had a conversation with the Project Manager Kawaguchi:

"Professor Kawaguchi, You looked victorious today."

"Did I?"

"In today's conference you spoke a lot, and you touched the topics that you were never able to discuss in the previous conferences (i.e. the significance of the Hayabusa mission, and its direct comparison to the missions of NASA and ESA, etc.) I think you could finish this one on good terms, and this is going to open up the path to future missions. Don't you think so?"

To that , he answered:

"No, I'd rather say we are still seeking for victory in defeat. Hayabusa is still waiting for us, waiting for the return trip to earth. That's our unfinished business."

P.S. - As for the Lipovitan-Ds with special label and "Unagi Pie" that I received in the "Rocket Festival" talk live held in Dec.2, I handed them to Project Manager Kawaguchi in person today.

P.S.2 - I heard that Terakin (THE Lipovitan-D guy in JAXA "Hayabusa Live" blog!) has received two cartons of Lipovitan-D, directly from Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, the manufacturer of the product. Apparently the people in Taisho saw the "Hayabusa Live", and decided to show their gratitude.

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